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Cesare Alberto Cesare Alberto Cesare Alberto Cesare Alberto

On 09, Apr 2013 | In | By admin

Cesare Alberto

Conero Riserva D.O.C.G. Barrique

Vineyard Location

Boranico Farm extended over 16.33,15 hectares in Varano, Ancona, close behind Monte Cònero. It is located on the hill side with the best sun expositior. The soil iss clayey-calcareous.




A late vintage has followed a favourable season. Grappe-picking by hand on October 26 th once the fruit has fully ripened. Vinification occured with maceration of peels for 24 days.


At the end of a tumultuous fermentation, the wine has been poured off in new Allier and Fointainbleau barriques where has ended the malolactic fermentation and has ripened for 22 months until the bottling on September 29 th, 2006.

Analitical Specifications

Total Acidity 5.37 gr/l
Volatile Acidity 0,86 gr/l
Alcohol 15% vol
Dry Extract 35 gr/l

Producer’s Advices

The wine excited Alberto Serenelli, because expresses a quality ideal pursued and reached after many vintage. Each bottle conserved in the proper wine-cellar conditions, will continue to offer emotions for the ten years. To taste in thin, large glasses.

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