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On 09, Apr 2013 | In | By admin


Rosso Conero D.O.C. Legno Grande

Vineyard Location

Chiavarelli’s farm, vineyard area about Ha.1; Maggi’s farm vineyard area ha. 1.80.15 both in Candia, an outlying village within the municipality of Ancona, altitude m 220 above sea level. Overlooking the Adriatic coast, on a hill side which is standing in the best sun position.


The vineyards, with more than 25 years of activity, are characterized by little yield, namely ql. 60 of grapes Ha. The calcareous-argillaceous property of the soil limiti’s the growth of vegetation, anticipating the ripening process during the hot-dry climate.


The ripe grapes are hand-picked pressed and cleaned of the stalks. The fermentation takes place normally within a temperature of 30° C and 32° C.
The maceration of the must together with the peels lasts 15 days with daily topping up.


After the drawing it has then carried out the malolactic fermentation in big wood casks of capacity hl. 25.
In the middle of January the wine is poured off and put again in big wood casks, where it maturates until the beginning of June, when it is bottled.

Analitical Specifications

Total acidity 5.01 gr./l.
Volatile acidity 0.48 gr./l.
Alcohol 13,30% vol
Dry extract 28.10 gr./l.

Producer’s Advices

Full-bodied and structured wine suitable for a refinement period in bottle.

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